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 We use a social media platform to tell our stories. Below you will find our sponsorship request as we appeal to you to keep the dream of civil rights alive for the next generation to advance into the 21st century...

Our goals are simple:

To collaborate and network with our peers to start the Emeritus Scholarship Fund of $35,000 in the name of Mr. A. Philip Randolph.

To activate an A. Philip Randolph Institute student Club that will finance young worker and student interested in attending the annual APRI National Annual Convention.

To recruit students to help lead voter registration and  GOTV at our nineLACD Campuses (we have registered over 6,000 students and faculty to date)

To register 10,000 college students to vote in 2018

To fund the development of idea labs and social media studio at our near our LATTC campus.

We also want to help train students interested in pursuing careers in social media, monetizing online products, (establishing effective go-fund-me pages), journalism, technical communication, history and civil rights law.

We want to kick off our 2018 GOTV campaign during our 2018 Black History Month Celebrations at LATTC. This event will feature Mr. Clarence Pointer AKA Pencilman. We have commissioned him to develop an impressive rendering of Mr. Randolph to commemorate his 130th birthday in 2019. He will be unveiling his rendering of Asa Philip Randolph, which will be one of our fundraising product lines.

We would also like to sponsor our “Soul Sipping” mixer during next year’s Black History Month at LATTC.

Next year would mark the 129th birthday of this great labor and civil rights leader and more students need to remember his name.

Let us celebrate the rich traditions established by Mr. Randolph, who organized and lead the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, the first predominantly African American Labor Union in the United States. Included in his accomplishments is the fact that Mr. Randolph led the first and second “March on Washington."  In addition, his efforts convinced President Franklin D. Roosevelt to issue Executive Order 8802 in 1941, banning discrimination in the defense industries during World War II. 

Thank you for making it possible for us to continue to prepare bright minds for the next generation of civil rights and social justice leadership.  We ask that you include a commitment to the African American Heritage Fund in your Charitable 2018 Budget. The amount that we raise each year will help prepare tomorrow’s civil rights leaders, labor leader's and educators. We need you to help us bring young workers and our youth into civil rights, labor,
and public service. 

 “Bigotry anywhere defeats democracy everywhere” 

Yolanda O. Touré, President, AAHFund, and Adjunct Faculty LATTC


Young man wants his vote to count!

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 More About Us:

Tom Steyer

Professor Toure' is with two volunteers from Los Angeles Trade-Tech Colleges getting out the vote and registering people at the viewing of the moving "SELMA" at Los Angeles Valley Colleges.

How to Find Us

The Birth of GOTV. MEDIA:

Professor Yolanda Toure' and Cary Winston Eatmon were working on a number of project with their union in Los Angeles, CA. We brainstormed night and day to find the answer to how we could communicate the message to people in the community. our of mutual interest and together we founded We envisioned the potential of bringing this internet TV to community organizations. was born out of a desire to enhance positive messages and promote issues that are of critical importance to union members and our people. Issues such as increasing our membership, getting young people involved in their own democracy and future, voting for your own interest, and working in public service.

The Goals of GOTV.MEDIA

To help you create more democratic and inclusive communities by encouraging community organizations to live stream
 their regular monthly meetings.

To encourage civil rights organizations, community development organizations, community colleges and union locals, to become media partners with
To invite individuals to learn about Internet TV and the power of social media by volunteering to become roving reporters or anchor to help deliver content that they believe would be of interest to
To encourage a national dialogue working with National and Regional organizations concerned about civil rights and furthering dialogue around democratic inclusion. We will be broadcasting our first joint national live stream at the A. Philip Randolph’s (APRI’s) 47th Annual National Education Conference.

necessary resources: We have gotten tremendous support from James Bryant, Western Regional Director, and input from both Los Angeles and San Francisco Chapters. Ms. the National PR Director has approved the project and issued press credentials. We have worked out the live streaming events with the hotel, the camera crew, and the lighting crew. The APRI Convention, the interview, and our planned Friday fundraiser are still under discussion. The Comedian and the DJ have been confirmed. James Bryant will meet with the Regional Director later this week to discuss using the show planned by the Western Region which is a comedy night with local talent...