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GOTV MEDIA ​Founded: 2016 Areas of expertise:  Media consulting, live stream production, video production, video editing and website development.

​​​The Birth of GOTV. MEDIA

Professor Yolanda Toure' and Cary Winston Eatmon were working on a number of project with their union in Los Angeles, CA. We brainstormed night and day to find the answer to (how can we communicate our message to people in the community. From our mutual interest together we founded We envisioned the potential of bringing this internet TV medium to community organizations all over the world.

Organizing SEIU 721 Retirees Communications Committee::
A few of our volunteers, along with a number of our staff members recently traveled to Detroit to cover GOTV messages from local Detroiters. .

2016: GOTV goes to all 9 community colleges in Los Angeles County
Dr. Yolanda Toure' is heading up a unique approach to how to get out the vote. She will be revealing her plan in the coming days. Update 6/27/2017 Dr. Toure' and her 

team registered  5k new voters.


​Great news, GOTV.MEDIA, MUSE ARK INTERNET TV are working with SEUI 721 RETIREES, APRI, Los Angeles, CA, Hyde Park Community Organization and New Frontier Org. 2017 We now cover CBTU International convention, New Orleans and 

also CADEM 2017 convention.

The Grass Root Walkers and The Mall located in Detroit, MI.

Special thanks go out to the WWW.HTC-MALL.COM for all the leg work to make our GOTV VIDEO RALLY. Under the leadership of Mr. Maurice Badgett, Jr, Co-Chair Dennis Bryant and also a great supporter Vanessa Simpson Olive who worked very hard to make the event a success.