Clarence "Pencilman" Ponter will be unveiling his new rendering of A. Philip Randolph Wednesday, May 16th at LATTC.

April 13th 20017 California State Controller Betty T. Yee sent acknowledgments for Dr. Toure and Cary Winston Eatmon, most notably in Civil Rights in Labor Movement and as a Professor at LA Trade Technical College; and in deep appreciation of your commitment to diversity, Inclusion and equality in the workplace.

Congratulations and very best wishes for continued success.

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 Our annual A. Philip Randolph Birthday Party.

This year’s Birthday Party will be held on May 16th, 2018, at 4:00 pm. The African American Heritage Fund (AAHFund) is the event promoter. We were established in 2012 as a 501{C} {3} charitable historic preservation organization to preserve the heritage of African American legends, legacy in social justice and in the arts well into the 21st century. We want your organization to become our social media partner and help sponsor our five events each calendar year. We would like to make a presentation to your organization in an effort to build our collaborative focus.

Cary Winston Eatmon-Executive Producer

Norm Johnson is  APRI LA Chapter President

The live stream show on Wednesday, May 16th at 

4:00pm will be hosted by the one and only Desiry Hall.

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Congrats to the San Diego APRI Chapter for all their hard work and they said thank you LA and SEIU 721 Retirees for supporting our events.

Dear Cynthia Molette (RIP)

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There is much work to do for the people of America, in the coming weeks, months and years. Our chief editor Dr. Yolanda Toure' will be laying out the new paths for our viewers. 

APRI LA 2018 

Thank you Betty T. Yee California State Controller



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