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Following California State Controller Betty Yee.

In 1993 the first WOTA was created, we searched every radio station we could find. and came up the some of the most notable lady in the broadcast business. Now, we have a new goal which will include women on the internet as well. Those lady's have taken a the new avenue via social media to express and impress more people around the world. These lady's bring a new following not seen before. They express fairness, equilty and justice for all.. I look forward to meeting these new members of the WOTA family in 2017.



April 2017

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CA Disablity Caucus 2016

Updates from the CADEM 2016 San Diego, CA.

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Their is much work to do for the Democratic Party in the coming weeks, months and years. Our chief editor Dr. Yolanda Toure' will be laying out the new path for our viewers. some good news and some bad for those who have not served


To invite individuals to learn about Internet TV and the power of social media by volunteering to become roving reporters or anchor's to help deliver content that they believe would be of interest to

Long time friends and colleagues

Friday, 09/29/16 California State Controller Betty Yee. She encouraged us to vote Yes on Proposition 55. She reminded us about the dismal state of Public College education under the Republican Administration with Arnold Schwarzenegger, the non-politician who tried to kill public education in this state.  The ADA-Local 1521 Benefits Conference was very informative.

Yee encouraged to read our ballots and not vote by commercial messages. Yee reminded us about the lay offs, the classes colleges closed prematurely, the decline in financial aid and students who had to delay graduation because they couldn't get needed courses.? Check out her message on Link.

By Professor Yolanda Toure'

We stopped in to see the Black Caucus

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